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Is Your Business Popular or Influential?

Posted on 10/16/12 by Mouthful Social Media No Comments

Through advertising, public relations campaigns, and social media, many business leaders try to get their customers or fans to take action on their behalf. Many times this is to buy a product, donate money or support a cause. Does it always work? More importantly as a business leader, are you trying to be influential or […]

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Internet Battle Plan X Comes to Las Vegas on July 17-18

Posted on 06/23/12 by Mouthful Social Media No Comments

INTERNET BATTLE PLAN X – July 17-18 at The NEW Tropicana, Las Vegas Jim Ziegler has done it again and we’re proud to return as a sponsor… and to have our own Rachel Haro as a speaker! Is your dealership realizing its true Internet Sales and Marketing Potential? OR, is your store already a top-performing […]

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Internet Battle Plan Comes to Cleveland on May 9-10

Posted on 04/04/12 by Mouthful Social Media No Comments

Is your dealership underperforming in technology sales and Internet marketing? OR, even if you are already one of the top-performing Internet Dealerships, are you looking for still a higher level of sales and results? Regardless of where you are, this is the event that will deliver immediate results beyond your expectations. Jim Ziegler is excited […]

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Twitter #FF Comes to Facebook Fan Pages

Posted on 02/14/12 by Rachel Haro No Comments

Facebook is notorious for suspending or deleting personal profiles acting as a business. This allows them to harness professional interaction on their network and encourage PPC advertising. While Facebook fan pages offer customization options using tabs and apps, people who use personal profiles as businesses have discovered that it’s much easier to network and connect […]

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QR Codes are spreading

Posted on 06/11/11 by Mouthful Social Media No Comments

I just read an article in the NY Times about the expansion of QR codes. Read it: Business Cards Go Paperless, Or Almost. One of the points was that business cards are becoming obsolete… what do you do when you have a stack of business cards in a drawer or Rolodex (remember those?) and can’t […]

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7 Quick Tips for Social Media

Posted on 05/27/11 by Mouthful Social Media No Comments

Not sure where to get started with social media?  Check out these simple ideas: 1)  Publish unique, engaging content. The retweet and “Like” are certainly useful tools but sooner or later you’re going to have to put your own stuff out there.  For restaurants or car dealerships, this is easy: announce specials, new campaigns, new […]

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Chipotle Got It Right!

Posted on 04/06/11 by Mouthful Social Media No Comments

This is the story of a successful social media campaign across multiple platforms. It’s the story of genius. It’s the story of lunch. Yes, I’m talking about Chipotle. I woke up this morning and checked the Mashable app on my iPhone as I do every morning. The first story I see: Get Free Chipotle Food […]

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The Internet is written in ink.

Posted on 03/04/11 by Mouthful Social Media No Comments

This likely-concocted line spoken by Mark Zuckerberg’s college girlfriend from the hit movie “The Social Network” actually speaks a great deal of truth. As evidenced by yesterday’s foot-in-mouth accidental posting by the American Red Cross’ Twitter feed, it is not always possible to un-speak our words. However, using social media, they turned a potentially (temporarily?) […]

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Social Media Interaction vs. Social Media Marketing

Posted on 02/01/11 by Mouthful Social Media No Comments

What are your Facebook and Twitter posts saying about you and your business? Social Media is not just about posting your daily specials or begging people to LIKE your page… it’s not just about reminding people that you’re open on Christmas (although that IS a good idea…). Social Media is all about interacting with your […]

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