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Facebook Fan Friday logoFacebook is notorious for suspending or deleting personal profiles acting as a business. This allows them to harness professional interaction on their network and encourage PPC advertising. While Facebook fan pages offer customization options using tabs and apps, people who use personal profiles as businesses have discovered that it’s much easier to network and connect as a personal profile. Professional networking on Facebook fan pages is limited at best. It’s difficult for businesses to find consistent ways to interact with individuals and businesses using their fan pages.

On Twitter, every Friday is “Follow Friday” (#FF). Brands and businesses offer recommendations and encourage others to follow specific users. Employing the same networking principles as Twitter’s #FF, businesses are able to do the same on Facebook.

Facebook Fan Friday attracts relevant fans to fan pages and encourages like-minded businesses to network on Fridays by sharing other business fan pages. Facebook Fan Friday mentions can be as simple as posting a brief comment and direct link (such as a Facebook @ tag) to the business, or for greater impact on optimization, creating and posting simple YouTube videos. Whether businesses are global or local, shared mentions on Facebook Fan Friday create both an online chamber of commerce and Yellow Page ad effect. Similar to Twitter’s “Mentions,” Facebook has a “Talking About This” metric for fan pages, allowing the admin(s) to monitor page mentions, demographics and viral reach.

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Facebook Fan Friday is about being strategic with your Facebook fan page; as with Twitter,it assigns one day for networking and promotion so your fans and followers aren’t overwhelmed. Brands or businesses with established networks should have no trouble finding local businesses, peers, employees, customers, associations, and vendors to swap mentions.

For the less established or smaller businesses, they can create a network based on their target market. For example, ABC Toyota in SmallTown, USA would create an online presence that starts with the “likes” and comments of their employees and continues to the local chamber of commerce, a customer’s restaurant, favorite café, etc. Fan Friday is savvy (and free!) way for businesses to grow.

Some creative ways to participate in Facebook Fan Friday:

  • Write a testimonial of services- include pictures and the link to their fan page. Tag them!
  • Record a YouTube video and share why you recommend them and post a link to their fan page. Be sure to include their company name in your YouTube tags!
  • Write a brief post that explains your business is supporting local vendors and post their link.
  • Post a photo of a special event or happening and tag them. Include a link to their fan page!
  • Share one of their posts.

The concept is simple: social networking and not social posting. With enough participation from businesses, Facebook Fan Friday will make it a lot easier for fan pages to build an interactive, targeted audience. Have fun networking and see you on Friday!

For more about strategic social networking for your business or to contact Rachel Haro about Facebook Fan Friday, please email:

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